Valve Stem Packings

  • Garlock 1303-FEP Packing

    Garlock 1303-FEP Packing

    Garlock 1303-FEP is a field proven valve stem packing delivering low emissions compliance, spool stock flexibility and convenience for on the spot re-packing or maintenance. Chemical resistant, 1303-FEP meets API-622 and ISO-15848-1 standard requirements...

  • Garlock 1998-EZ Bushing Packing

    Garlock 1998-EZ Bushing

    Garlock 1998-EZ Bushing - Data Sheet Garlock 1998-EZ is equivalent to a bushing on a spool and must be used with valve stem sealing packing style. This material is designed as a quick substitute to custom machined bushings that might be required with the...

  • Garlock 212-ULE Packing

    Garlock 212-ULE Packing

    Garlock 212-ULE - Data Sheet Garlock 212-ULE (Ultra Low Emissions) valve stem packing allows the user to optimize performance with a convenient easy to use dispenser box. Garlock 212-ULE packing meets stringent fugitive emission test standards and also...

  • Teadit 2214 Packing

    Teadit 2214 Packing

    Style 2214 is a proprietary braid-over-core construction, using a special high temperature, Inconel reinforced fiber and a non-hardening core. The packing is impregnated with a high temperature resistant compound, and coated with fine particles of...

  • Teadit 2235 Packing

    Teadit 2235 Packing

    Packing Style 2235 is composed of layers of flexible graphite tape plied into compact strands; each filament is reinforced with an Inconel® wire jacket. The strands are then square braided to form a dense yet malleable packing. Additionally, it is...

  • Teadit 2236 Low Emissions Packing

    Teadit 2236 Low Emissions Packing

    Teadit® 2236 valve packing is self-lubricating, non-hardening, dimentionally stabe and resistant to gases and fluids as well as heat, pressure and chemicals. It's high temperature flexible graphite and Inconel® filament jacket affords...